How much does your instincts guide your life? Are you paying attention to the life that you are living right now, or are you just living the life you think you should? I ask these questions to you, as much as I ask them to myself. I had lived a full life before I reached thirty. In my 20’s, I wrote two books, ran a lunch catering business that I then turned into a restaurant, and then I became a flight attendant before returning to writing again. In my 30’s, I became a parent and struggled to find that same zest for the adventure and risk taking that I previously had in my 20’s. I ended up writing two more books in my 30’s, even though I haven’t been fully living in my purpose. At 35, I am starting to find myself again. Years of trying to find my purpose had beaten me up and left my body raw, but in healing, it’s time to get up again.


I remember watching television one day and hearing a speaker say something along the lines of ‘you don’t become what you want, you become what you believe.’ I wanted to be a famous author or have an amazingly successful restaurant because my two favorite things to do are writing and cooking. This did not happen yet obviously, but I am finding my passion again to live in purpose with my calling, rather than selfish desires. Operating for self has a way of clouding your blessings and you can’t achieve your dreams by yourself. You are the captain of your ship, but you do need others around you who are supportive of your vision and destination.


Do you believe you are worthy? What is it that you believe about yourself? Growing up, I always heard, “if you can see it and you believe it, you can achieve it.” I believe in this because even though I have tried many things and failed at many things, I wouldn’t have accomplished as much as I did if I didn’t believe in myself. It just wasn’t my time yet. I believe I had to gain more humility before I could fully appreciate what I was blessed with and be able to bless others. What I have learned along the way is to never be afraid of failure. Everything is a learning experience, good or bad, so keep trying and don’t give up. Take the risk in yourself and hold on to your beliefs. Believe in your strength, worthiness, perseverance, love, and sense of community.


Where do your passions reside? What is it that you enjoy doing that you can’t wait to do more than everything else every day? Visualize the outcome of living your life to your heart’s desire and in your purpose, then go after it. Go after it hard because it’s not going to be easy. Your passions are never easy, they are filled with heat, vigor, and brutal honesty. Unsure of what you want for your life? It’s not enough to go through life knowing what you don’t want. Be still and create a vision board. What do you visualize as your dream home, car, love life, family, career, and greatest talent to nurture? Don’t sell yourself short, aim high, and work towards what you see in front of you. This is your life My Lovelies, so give it your all. Your homework is to complete a vision board, make a picture of it, and look at your vision board every day. Visualize the Life YOU Deserve!