Ever since Titanfall was announced at E3 2013 for the next-gen consoles, the gaming world has been waiting patiently to get their hands on a copy of Titanfall, and now it’s finally here!


Titanfall is a first-person shooter game developed by Respawn Entertainment, the co-founders of Infinity Ward and co-creators of the previous Call of Duty titles. Developed as a 6v6 multiplayer only game, with a few online modes, new fans to this game will be disappointed to know that there is no single player campaign. But that does not take away from the fact that Titanfall is still a great game.

In Titanfall players will fight to survive on a war torn planet on foot or by utilizing their Titans to win matches and achieve match goals. Before receiving your Titan, you will play as an armed pilot with a handgun that has a few cool features like “smart kill” which will target multiple enemies and kill them all with one squeeze of the trigger. The second weapon is an assault rifle which has to the ability to kill other pilots or do damage to the Titans. When starting a match you can pick the different classes for your pilot and Titan. The custom loadout when choosing your characters give Titanfall a nice touch of personalizing to your liking. For the pilots there are two teams the Militia and IMC, and there are 3 different classes to choose from:

Assassin – Titan Pilots are rated by ‘certifications’, most of which apply to civilian applications, such as construction, shipping, and heavy salvage industries. The most prestigious of these is the Full Combat Certification – a widely published series of tests that grade a Titan Pilot’s abilities.

CQB – Titan Pilots are rated by ‘certifications’, most of which apply to civilian applications, such as construction, shipping, and heavy salvage industries. The most prestigious of these is the Full Combat Certification – a widely published series of tests that grade a Titan Pilot’s abilities.

Rifleman – Titan Pilots are rated by ‘certifications’, most of which apply to civilian applications, such as construction, shipping, and heavy salvage industries. The most prestigious of these is the Full Combat Certification – a widely published series of tests that grade a Titan Pilot’s abilities.

Primary Weapons – Smart Pistol MK5, R-101C Carbine, EVA- Shotgun, R97 COMPACT SMG, Longbow-DMR Sniper, G2A4 Rifle, Hemlock BF-R, C.A.R SMG, Spitfire LMG and a few more unlockables to be released later on.

Anti-Titan Weapons – Sidewinder, Archer Heavy Rocket & Mag Launcher.

Pistol Sidearms – RE-45 Autopistol, Hammond P2011, & B3 Wingman.

Pilot Ordnance – Frag grenade, Satchel Charge & Arc Mine.

The Titans also comes in three different classes that give players to ability to match their personal preference and pilot class:

ATLAS – As a multi-role Titan, the Atlas excels where all other models fall short. The Atlas represents the state-of-the-art in weapons platforms and provides good protection and increased mobility over the Ogre chassis. Whether the mission demands reconnaissance, rapid assault, fire support, tactical support, or a combination of all these, Atlas frontline elements are dependable, powerful and, importantly, get results.

OGRE – There are no two ways about it—the Ogre is engineered to be the ultimate battle tank, in Titan’s clothing. As a consequence, the Ogre places a premium on its armor and offensive capabilities. When your mission demands maximum survivability, the Ogre is the only battle platform which consistently out-performs, out-shines, out-lasts and outlives everything else on the battlefield.

STRYDER – Survivability through speed and agility is the key to the Stryder’s considerable battlefield prowess. Faster than every other Titan chassis on the market today, the Stryder’s mobility is the culmination of many years of award-winning R D into linear and rotary actuator technology. Of course, even with this agility advantage, the Stryder does not sacrifice any of the superior features your mission has come to depend on in the Hammond Robotics line of Titan battle platforms.

Titan Primary Weapons – Quad Rocket, 40MM Cannon, XO-16 Chaingun & Plasma Railgun.


Titan fall starts players off with a great training mode that teaches you the basics on your primary and secondary weapons. You will also learn how to utilize your special moves, like cloaking to sneak up behind your enemies and perform a stealth kill. Another thing that players will enjoy is the ability to run on walls in a parkour fashion, and perform regular jumps or double tap the jump button to elevate your character to higher grounds. The gameplay is a lot of fun and is not as frustrating as some online multiplayer games. Even if you die a few times you can jump back in and get revenge on your enemies by making use of the right tactics available in the game. There is something to make note of and that’s to make sure your internet connection stable, or you will experience a lot of lag and framerate drop. Players will have to work together as a team and battle on the ground or take down Titans together. Titanfall has so much options with in battle you will only lose if you don’t understand how to utilize the right weapons and tactics. For instance if you are on foot waiting for your Titan, trying sticking with your teammates. If you call your Titan then put it in follow mode so you can flank the enemy Titans and unleash hell. Another cool thing to do is eject from your Titan when it is about to be destroy and then land right on your enemy to get some sweet revenge. Titanfall gameplay is a lot of fun and will give players a lot of quality time to spend online with friends or the online community. When choosing a match there is a a feature that is missing and that is the ability to vote on the next map when your in matchmaking mode. As for the game modes let’s take a look at what is available in the game:

ATTRITION – If you have never played classic Titanfall before, this is the place to start. Kill anything on the enemy team to earn Attrition Points! This includes enemy Grunts, Spectres, Pilots, Titans, and Dropships. The winning team is the one that hits the score limit first, or has the highest score when the time is up.

LAST TITAN STANDING – In Last Titan Standing, everyone starts in a Titan. Your team must eliminate all of the enemy team’s Titans or Pilots to win. This is a round-based mode, and the team that wins the best of five rounds wins the match. Within each round, there is no respawning, and there are no replacement Titans, until the next round starts.

HARDPOINT DOMINATION – Capture and hold the three hardpoints in the map for your team to earn points. The more hardpoints you hold, the faster you win. Capture neutral hardpoints by standing near them for a short period of time. Retake enemy-held hardpoints by standing near them for a longer period of time – a hardpoint must be rendered neutral before you can begin to capture it. If enemies are near a hardpoint, you must find and eliminate them before any capturing or neutralizing will happen.


Graphically Titan fall is not bad on the XBox One, and to call it visually stunning would be an overstatement. Titanfall has good graphics but it’s not great. It was also reported that the XBox One version runs at 720p and 30fps. When viewed side by side you will notice the PC version has an edge graphically over the XBox One version. As for the sound effects in the game, there is not much that will catch your ear all around but hearing your Titan drop from the sky was done well. What Titanfall does lack is a single players campaign with a storyline. It seems like there could of been a lot to be told in Titanfall, about how the planet became what it is and how the revolution of Titans began. This definitely leaves a lot of gamers scratching their heads as to why Respawn Entertainment did not create a story mode. There a a lot of people out there that are not fans of the online multiplayers games, but they do enjoy the single player campaigns and that could possibly hurt this game from being a classic or even earning more game sales.


Overall Titan fall is a great multiplayer game for those who are fans of online action fps games. If there was a single player campaign with a story mode, this game would of easily been an instant classic. The lack of having only 12 player per match, could of been up’d to about 12 vs 12 at least. Titanfall is still a good game despite the minor complaints stated. Being that the game feels a little incomplete, may turn a few people away from making a purchase. If you are a fan of online multiplayer games then this game is a purchase for you. If you are not big on online multiplayer games then you may want to rent Titanfall first before buying it.

Titan fall is available now for the PC, XBox One and the XBox 360. There is also a collectors edition available. For more info see here: Titan Fall Collectors Edition