Sony’s new MP3 waterproof Walkman, has been trending on the web and social media this week. Described as lightweight  and ideal for sports and lifestyle activities, the waterproof Walkman can be also be used underwater up to 6 feet deep(Not recommended for use in salt water, which can cause corrosive effects). With USB connectivity, the water proof Walkman will be able to play WMA, AAC or L-PCM music files. It’s compatible with iTunes and Windows Media Player or MP3’s from iTunes, Windows Media Player or Internet Explorer can be dragged and dropped right into the 4GB memory in the player. The battery life will last up to 8 hours on full charge, and 60 minutes of use on just 3 minutes of charge.

The Sony MP3 Waterproof Walkman comes in four colors black, white, pink and blue. It is also priced at $79.99 at the Sony online store