A compilation of unknown samples in a radio station format

Rich Is Gangsta:
Good production with a live band feel to it. In his first verse Rick Ross took a shot at 50 saying “For me to move forward from here on, I need 50, and I aint talking 50 Cent neither n***a *Laughs*”.

Drug Dealers Dream:
Great production, could play this song in your car with the volume turned up.

Shots Fired:
Intro to song touches on his shooting incident while driving his Rolls Royce where he crashed into a building. The production and chorus is a sample of Notorious B.I.G – You’re Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You) track from the Life After Death album. Good track for a somewhat of a re-make.

The Devil Is A Lie feat Jay-Z:
This track was released as a single for this Mastermind album. The reviews about this track was 50/50 by the listeners. The Devil Is A Lie is a decent track with good production, the beat will remind you of the previous track that Rick Ross and Jay-Z collaborates on. If you are looking for a classic verse from Jay-Z on this track you might be a little disappointed but his verse was not bad either.

Mafia Music III feat Sizzla & Mavado:
The production has somewhat of a reggae/dancehall feel to it. Mavado’s and Sizzler’s could have been a lot better as far as their presence on the song. If you are fans of both reggae artist you will most likely be disappointed.

War Ready feat Jeezy:
After rumors of both Rick Ross and Jeezy being involved in heated beefs, they’ve collaborated on this track with a production that complimented both Rick Ross and Jeezy’s flow. Only complaint you would have about this track the chorus, because it gives the feeling of hearing Soulja Boy on the hook. Other than that Jeezy definitely went hard on this track.

What A Shame feat French Montana:
For the hook on this track Rick Ross borrow the sample line from Old Dirty Bastard’s “Shame On A N***a”. Great production with a RZA feel to it. French Montana did not have a verse on this track due to him lending his vocals on the hook only.

This track has a great feel to it. It will remind you of a song you would play while driving down the coast line of California State from the Bay area to Los Angeles. Great production and the chorus is catchy.

Blk & Wht:
Decent track with a west coast feel to it on the production level.

Dope Bitch Skit:
Couple of chics talking about vanity and money

In Vein feat The Weeknd:
If you’re a fan of The Weeknd you would definitely love his contribution on this track. Rick Ross’s flow on this song was also good too. It’s a song that you will probably sit in your room and play while smoking or enjoying a drink of choice. Hopefully this song will have a video coming soon. Great track!

Sanctified feat Kanye West & Big Sean:
The opening sample of this song had Kanye West all over the production. Big Sean and Kanye went back and forth with their verses and definitely gave a nice touch to this track. In Kanye’s verse he said “People saying Ye we need another Yeezus” Um no! If you are a fan of songs with hard hitting baselines this song is for you. Memorable track!

Walking On Air feat Meek Mill:
This track won’t probably be in your top 5 song with Rick Ross and Meek Mill collaborating but it could be in the top 10. The production had a horror theme feel to it with a hard hitting baseline/southern feel in the instrumental. Would of like to hear a better verse from Meek Mill on this track and had it be a little longer. Not a bad track though.

Thug Cry feat Lil Wayne:
If you are a fan of Souls of Mischief you would notice the same from 93 Til Infinity in the production off the bat. This is a great track with a nice grove to it. Rick Ross pays his respects and shows love to Mac Dre in his verse. Lil Wayne’s also contributed a good verse to this song with a flow that would remind you of something you would hear from Pac. Great hook on this song also.

Blessing In Disguise feat Scarface & Z-Ro:
This track will be a favorite by a lot of people, especially with the legend Scarface blessing this song with a classic verse. The production is on point with the sample of a female soul singer harmonizing in the background. The hook on this song was done by Z-Ro.

Paradise Lost:
Something about this song from the intro to the production will remind you of Dr Dre’s Ghetto Boy. Even the hook had that Nate Dogg/Christian(Rockafella Records) feel to it. Decent track with a The Chronic album/Death Row Records influence.

You Know I Got It (Reprise):
This track is basically the Jay-Z’s “FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt” song from the Magna Carter Holy Grail album minus Jay-Z. Rick Ross basically added an extra verse to where Jay-Z would of came in. Still a decent song.

Final Notes: Overall this is a decent album from Rick Ross. Can’t say it’s a classic album but it’s good. A lot of fans would agree that they were expecting a lyrical massacre for Mastermind, but that didn’t seem to happen. This album will definitely grow on you as you listen to the tracks on it. There are a few tracks you will play in your car and enjoy, but after a while you will be looking forward to another album from Rick Ross that will be “The One”. Mastermind is a good album but there is something that is missing from it to give it that extra bump.

Rick Ross Mastermind