Many of us struggle with the bad habit of procrastination. I know I am a heavy offender. I used to think that I did better work on a time crunch. I was shocked to learn that, like so many others, that it is not better. The quality of work is better when it is planned out and completed before the due date. Saving things for last minute leaves little to no time for correction, and it has a negative effect on the quality of work you are capable of doing. So how do we combat procrastination?

• Set realistic goals
• Make a to-do list
• Get rid of clutter so you can work somewhere with little to no distractions
• Establish a reward system for accomplishing tasks
• Make a schedule
• Break down a project into smaller tasks that can be completed one at a time until the project is done.
• For every 45 minutes of study/work take a 15 minute break. Time yourself.




If you are still having problems with motivation to accomplish a task, relate the task to take something that interests you or turn it into a game. Procrastination can also be a symptom of low level depression, chronic sleep deprivation, poor nutrition or poor physical fitness. Get a check-up if after trying any of the things listed above, still leaves you a lack of energy and/or motivation to get your task done. Your doctor may have further instructions or suggestions for you to follow. Stop couch surfing My Lovelies!