I woke up this morning, and while reading through the news wire, I kept coming across these disheartening articles about sex, STD’s, and the growing spread of them in the community. Two groups under educated about the disadvantages in improper sexual relations are teenagers and inmates. STD’s are spreading rapidly between these two groups needlessly. For both of these groups, abstinence is not the message that is sticking in their minds because they continue to infect themselves and spread the infection to others. Something needs to be changed in their sexual education programming.


Sex Ed


I am a firm believer in scared straight. Show them what these diseases really look like; show them the statistics, show them what could really happen to their lives once they become pregnant or infected. The main message should be more than just abstinence. Show them what an outbreak of herpes of the eye, mouth, and sex organs looks like. Educate them that you can receive and spread STD’s by oral sex too. It may prevent pregnancy and AID’S, but there’s a whole gambit of other sexual diseases that can be contracted orally.

Condoms are our friends. Though they are not 100% effective against STD’s and pregnancy, they are the closest prevention method we have to that percentage. There is a whole smorgasbord of condoms out there for our use, give it to them. They need it. Stop trying to shelter your kids and ignore your inmates as citizens of the world. The disease infected world is finding them and will find you through them. If you don’t get infected yourself, you will still become affected by the infection of you your loved one(s). Talk to them, spread the word, and talk to their friends if their parents are slacking on the job.

Get Tested

It is ignorant to think that because jails are single sex that sexual relations aren’t rampant within them. Not only is there sex between the inmates, but between inmates and employees as well. Ignoring their basic human desires to copulate is immature and impractical. They had sex before they went in and will continue to do so while incarcerated. They need education and protection too because most of them eventually come out and once they do they release themselves sexually with which ever willing partners they can find. They need to be shown the dangers of improper sexual relations in jail because it is a very serious threat.

Who is responsible for educating our youth and inmates? You are, we all are. It starts with you and your home and spreads outward. Educating yourselves and your children not only influence the school’s educational structure, but also the governmental structure that governs institutions and jails. It starts with a conversation with an opening as simple as, “can we talk?”
Prevention is always better than cure. Arm them for the world out there because it is not as big as you think. Be safe out there My Lovelies!