Are you a people pleaser? Does it upset your being if someone doesn’t like you? Well I have news for you….. Everyone is not going to like you. You might not even like you some of the time. You also can’t please everyone all of the time, so all I can tell you is do your best to please yourself and stop letting people take advantage of you. I was disillusioned in thinking I was a people pleaser once. After dating someone who really was a people pleaser however, I quickly saw the error in my thought process.

I had a renewed vigor. Knowing there was one less thing to work on in my quest to become that whole person I want to be, brought me great excitement. People pleasing is a tiring and unfulfilling job. To be a true people pleaser you have to:
• Always want everyone around you to be happy
• Want everyone to like you
• Put everyone’s needs above your own
• Want constant sources of validation
• Have great difficulty saying no
• Be a true “Yes” man
• Keep away from adversity or disagreements with others.




Being a people pleaser you neglect your most important asset. You. Your mental, physical, and emotional health are always in jeopardy. The toll it takes really beats down on you and it’s exhausting. Psychologically speaking, people that are people pleasers have an emotional disability that can lead to becoming burnt out. They also have trouble maintaining healthy and intimate relationships. Why do this to yourself?
Ripping and running for everyone else only gets others ahead, but what about you? Who will be your saving grace? The answer is you. It’s always been you, so put down the antacids and Pepto Bismol, and just say no. Say no to everyone and everything. Turn off your electronic devices for an hour, a day, a weekend, and make a plan to work for yourself as hard as you’ve worked for everyone else. Keep taking time for yourself until you learn to relax again and learn to enjoy the silence. The high blood pressure this type of lifestyle causes is not worth it, so just say no to everyone else My Lovelies. Say YES to Yourself.