Non-Stop, directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, who also directed Unknown starring Liam Neeson, re teams for another action packed thrill ride with nail biting suspense.

The central plot revolves around Bill Marks (Liam Neeson), a former policeman who lost his daughter and wife, and as a result, became an alcoholic and took on a position as an Air Marshall. During his latest flight, alongside his partner Agent Jack Hammond (Anson Mount), Agent Marks receives a text message from an unknown individual demanding that one hundred and fifty million dollars is to be transferred into an offshore account. If the money isn’t delivered within a time frame of twenty minutes, a passenger onboard will die. Marks juggles the tasks transferring the one hundred and fifty million dollars and interrogating each and every passenger to locate the perpetrator. Over time, passengers begin dying as a result of not having the money transferred within the twenty minute time frames requested while Marks desperately tries to locate the criminal at large.




Non-Stop delivers nail biting suspense, continuous fight scenes, and continues to toy with the viewer’s mind as to which one of the passengers is the terrorist. Liam Neeson takes his role seriously as he convincingly portrays the part of a frantic Air Marshall that is juggling the task of having the ransom money transferred, struggling to keep the passengers safe and sound, and locating the terrorist.




Many have complained that Non-Stop is another Liam Neeson action flick that lacks substance and is a clone of Taken, an action film released January 2009. Taken, while well done and exciting, was narrow and contained a fairly generic storyline, in which a man fights off criminals in hopes of saving his kidnapped daughter and foreshadows a fairy tale style concept, as well as it having very little character development and lacks a backstory to each and every character. Non-Stop provides the viewers with characters that you learn a great deal about, a fairly original plot, several realistic and tragic sequences, and definitely gives the action/suspense genre something fresh and new.

Non-Stop Rating