After being delayed for the PS4 and XBox One launch by Ubisoft, a new trailer posted this week showed a release date for May 27th 2014 for Watch Dogs. Eurogamer reports that a since-removed video on revealed the date at the end of a trailer. An official announcement by Ubisoft is expected later today.


According to earlier this week they got reports that the release date would be June 30 after a pre-order option appeared on the Sony Store, but it appears this wasn’t correct. Watch Dogs has had an extra six months of development despite the delays, hopefully gamers will have their wish to get this game in their hands hopefully in May or June. For more stayed tuned to Visual-M Media for more development on this story.

Update: It has been confirmed by Ubisoft today that the release date for Watch Dogs will be May 27th, 2014.

Watch Dogs Story Trailer (UK Version)

Video Courtesy of Ubisoft