Last night Mike Tyson, paid a visit to the Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show, and was put to the test to beat himself in the classic Nintendo game Mike Tyson Punch-Out. If you’re familiar with Mike Tyson Punch-Out for the Nintendo, you would remember the love/hate relationship you had for this game. As you progress through the game your character Little Mac, faced a line up of unique characters until you reached the last fight which is Mike Tyson. Some gamers would go into serious rage trying to figure out how to beat Iron Mike, and this game bought a lot of tears to gamers eyes. Mike Tyson Punch-Out for the Nintendo is still one of the best selling games ever made til this day, along side Super Mario Bros.

Jimmy Fallon put Mike Tyson up to the test to see if he can beat himself in Mike Tyson Punch-Out and………..well just watch the video for yourself and see what happens.

Mike Tyson Tries to Beat Himself in Punch-Out!!

 Video Courtesy Of The Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show