Football season is back once again, and with it’s annual anticipated arrival comes a new and enhanced Madden NFL game that is like no other! EA’s famous game title launches this season with enhanced in-game commentary, unbelievably refined graphics, a training mode for football dummies, and a whole lot of fun!


Trying to bring out new features and upgrading your game titles has never been an easy task, especially when you’re a sports game developer, but the producers back at EA’s headquarters seem to have taken a step forward with the new Madden NFL 15. Although refined and sophisticated graphics is a must with every new title that releases, this year’s Madden 15 goes beyond prettier faces and more visible sweat drops.
Firstly, the game cleverly invites new potential players to the franchise with it’s new training mode dubbed “The Gauntlet” that is sure to fill a few future football fanatics in on the basics of the sport, as well as all the various tactics that are involved in the game, without making it all sound like it’s rocket science. It’s a smart move to increase the publicity for both the sport, and the game. Aside from the Gauntlet and Exhibition modes, there’s Skills Trainer, Practice, Never Say Never Moments, Connected Franchise, Ultimate Teams and Online Head to Head modes. You can also edit draft classes but there’s no create-a-team option. Unfortunately in Ultimate Team you can’t create logos, uniforms or stadiums to create your fantasy squad.


What does disappoint though is the mediocre, play-by-play, TV commentary that leaves you wondering whether you’re actually playing the same Madden game from previous years. Believe me when I say this: in-game commentary has a lot of improvements to make, especially for a next-gen game. Madden 15, does show improvements in graphics department when it comes to players, player animations and the dynamic weather adds an extra touch. Where it does fail though is in the crowd. Spectators almost have the same faces when the camera pans on them. You won’t see a diverse amount of faces that have different and unique looks. This is something we have all longed for in sport games. But we can say the coaches did have some improvements.
The gameplay for Madden 15 will have you a lot more engaged compared to Madden 25. The passing game is a lot more fun this year but don’t get to confident when it comes to the running game. As soon as the ball snaps, you have to press R2 (RB button) to engage the offensive lineman. The faster you do this you will have more of the upper hand. Then you can either press the X (A) or square (X) buttons to pull of a move to get you into the backfield. We definitely recommend playing the Skills Trainer mode to brush up on your skill even if you are familiar with the Madden game.


In addition, this years’ game has a couple of changes when it comes to the way the game plays. Players seem much smarter thanks to improved AI, and defending is a whole lot more fun and way more engaging than it ever has been. Defense now feels more impactful and the players will feel like they have more control, and not just have to wait for the AI to make silly mistakes. Unfortunately for the ones who love to rush plays and go for highlight reel worthy runs, this means that attacking is also a bit more challenging. Going for those long passes is no longer a walk in the park either as attributes are brought down to resemble real-life passes in their degrees of accuracy, which makes the game a lot more realistic. This means that the less accurate your quarterback is in real life, the less accurate he is in the game. No matter how good you are as a player in the game.


One of the things that EA also revamped is the play-calling system.


Of course EA didn’t forget to add-in the classic basics we all know too well like career mode and what not, which, in all fairness, proves to make this both the classic Madden that we all know and love, in addition to transforming it to a new and enhanced next-gen Madden that we’re all going to get (way too) familiar with and love (for a pretty long time)!
It’s certainly going to be worth the money if you’re really into the sport or if you’re just looking for some awesome fun, and it’s most definitely going to be the closest you’ll ever get to the real sport while you’re sitting on that couch!
Well, at least for another good year or so… Isn’t that right EA?
Jaguars’ fans watch out, Gabbert is gonna give you a tough time on this one!
Madden NFL 15 hit stores August 26, 2014 on the Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3.