This past weekend the long anticipated battle took place at the Ultimate Warrior Battle league in NJ, between Loaded Lux and Hollow Da Don. If you have not seen the battle yet, you definitely missed out on a great event. Loaded Lux and & Hollow Da Don both came out with great energy and punchlines that were crowd moving. Though some internet viewers felt like the crowd was bias, there seem to be a fair amount of supporters for both Lux and Hollow. In the first round Lux came with a lot of energy and had a strong round appose to Hollow. But in the 2nd and 3rd round both Lux and Hollow came with their A-game and gave everyone a great performance. There were some lines from Lux in the second round that definitely got the crowd hyped. In the 3rd round some would agree that Hollow finished a lot stronger than Lux, but that may seem as an opinion to others that are fans of the battle culture.