The Justice League: War animated movie is a direct-to-video adaptation of the 2011, Justice League: Origins, written by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee. The Justice League: War movie is directed by Jay Oliva and scripted by Heath Corson. The plot is based on the DC heroes Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Cyborg & Shazam, coming together to protect earth and to stop Darkseid and his army from terraforming the planet.


This movie is hands down one of the best DC animated movies out there today. The storyline followed each character from the beginning and showed how they eventually come together as a team, but not as the official Justice League just yet. The story also touched on how Victor Stone, star football player became Cyborg and the relationship with his scientist father Silas Stone. In the movie there are some really good action scenes, for instance when Batman and Green Lantern met each other for the first time, and had a little battle between each other. Then they had to team up and fight against Darkseid’s army, and in that process met Superman had it out with him and then all three teamed up. There are a lot of funny moments in the Justice League: War movie that will make you laugh and chuckle but it didn’t take away from the awesome action this movie had. Every character contributed a lot to the movie and got their shine in their own way, showing how strong they are and how they handle their battles. Darkseid’s character was also well done, and he made the Justice League super-heroes work for that win, when trying to defeat him. One of the unique things you will notice about this movie is that none of the Justice League heroes were able to defeat Darkseid on their own, they all had to work together to stop Darkseid, and that is what made this movie stand out from the rest.


Honestly it’s safe to say that if this movie was the first real life Justice League film to hit the big screen, with Henry Cavill as Superman and Ben Affleck as Batman, using the same script, it would definitely give The Avengers movie a run for their money. The storyline pacing and action scenes was perfect in this movie and the animation was also well done. Though I would not of mind if this movie was a little more on the dark side and had less humor in the characters dialog. I didn’t have a problem with the humor but I would of liked it to be a little more Dark Knight Esq. One of the things you will notice is Superman and Wonder Woman’s costume. Wonder Woman is wearing the New 52 costume, with slight alterations to the cleavage area, and Superman’s costume also comes up a little higher around his neck. But it didn’t take away anything from the movie at all.


If you are a fan of DC Comics or animated movies then this movie is definitely recommended. It’s a great movie to add to your collection. *Spoiler Alert* At the end of the credits there’s also a surprise appearance by Aquaman’s brother Orm(Ocean Master) holding the body of an old man saying “The Surface Dwellers have killed our king. This is an act of war. And they will pay.” This seems to hint that we can expect another follow up movie from DC Comics, that will be based on the “Throne of Atlantis” adaptation, and introduction of Aquaman. Justice League is currently available digitally and will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray on February 4th, 2014.

Video courtesy of DC Comics

Justice League: War: 5/5