After seeing a number of people talking about this new game “Flappy Bird”, I eventually decided I had to see for myself what the hype was all about. 5 hours later, I have reached the phenomenal high score of 16. SIXTEEN. After 5 hours. It is addicting, infuriating, insultingly simple, devastatingly impossible, and did I mention, addicting? During four hours and 50 minutes of those five hours, I didn’t even get past the first pipe. What makes this game so hard? Is it timing? Is it skill? Or is the game just unfair? Have I lost all of my old school gaming abilities? There are so many questions.

In case you haven’t experienced Flappy Bird for yourself, the premise is simple: use your finger to tap the screen to keep your bird afloat through gaps in Mario-like green pipes. Each time you pass a gap, you get a point. Sounds infantile right? SIXTEEN. In Five hours.

The skill set needed for Flappy Bird is reminiscent of games that we played back in the days on the Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and SEGA Genesis (in opposition to games now where you get help with things like quick-time-events and DLC unlock packs).

So go ahead, test your skills. Download Flappy Birds on you Apple and Android devices and see how far you can get—but you may want to make sure you have a protective case or a strap attached to your wrist to prevent breaks from throwing your device out of sheer frustration.

Share your experience in the comments below. Oh, and good luck getting past that first pipe.