Lately I’ve been hooked on Dubstep music, dance and the culture, but there seem to be a lot of naysayers who thinks Dubstep is some kind of weird genre of music for people who enjoy drugs. Though I respect people’s opinion on Dubstep, I think it is the wave of the future and there’s a lot to know and expect from this evolving genre.

While the genre originated in the 1990s, dubstep has exploded in popularity in recent years. The genre has entered the mainstream. It used to be considered “underground”, but in recent years the genre has made an impact on our culture. Dubstep songs and songs with dubstep elements have consistently topped the music charts, and numerous clubs have sprung up that exclusively play dubstep music.


If you are a fan of this ubiquitous genre, you owe it to yourself to understand some of the history and culture behind it. In this article, we will discuss some of the musicians and dancers that helped make dubstep a popular brand of music.

Skrillex In Concert - Las Vegas, NV

Skrillex is probably the most famous dubstep artist, and is largely credited with bringing the genre into the mainstream. His EP, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, sold very well. Many people got into dubstep after hearing a song from Skrillex (such as Bangrang).

Another popular song that includes elements of dubstep is Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People. This song was at the top of the billboard for months and was played regularly on both radio and TV.

There are a number of dancers that are connected with dubstep. This talented people have helped the genre grow. These include sensations such as Turbo and Ozone, Mr.Wiggles, and Marquese Nonstop Scott. David Elsewhere Bernal’s appearance at the Kollaboration talent show was a big day for dubstep because he spread the music to a wider audience.

Dubstep has a rich history. Many artists and dancers have helped turn this underground genre into something that has influenced culture and every genre from pop to rap. Dubstep isn’t merely a fad – its popularity has only grown over the years. The genre will continue to evolve and make an impact on music in the years to come.