What happened to taking pride in how you look?
When I look good, I feel good.
When I smell good, I feel good.
When they are done together, I feel exceptional.
So what is going on with some people?

I travel a lot and in my day to day travels I see a slew of people at the airport. In saying so, there are a lot of them that don’t get dressed up for their flights anymore. There are a lot of people that don’t get dressed up period. They are either in their pajamas or dirty sweats with house slippers on to catch their flights, and they are bringing up their kids to do the same thing. It is not a good look. It’s an even worse look when you have an attitude about it. Don’t get mad at me or anyone else for looking at you. Maybe you should have looked at you before you left the house this morning.




When I was growing up, we weren’t allowed to leave the house looking a hot mess. When we got older and had a choice in the matter, we still didn’t leave the house looking disheveled. Being poor is not an excuse because we were poor and so were our neighbors. It doesn’t matter if you’re in sweats or a t-shirt and basketball shorts, as long as they look tidy. I’ve seen people with dirty sweats with holes in them waiting for flights at the airport. The holes were not for style either and these people were aware of their state. They just didn’t care.




What is so disheartening is when I see a family with young kids who would be on my flight and everyone’s in their pajamas with bed head and sleep in their eyes still. A quick 5-minute wash before you leave for the airport wouldn’t hurt, so be the example for your kids. I have a toddler and I know how much of a hassle it can be to get ready in the mornings, but even when we have a 6am flight, we are still well put together. If these people would take pride in their appearance and teach their children to take pride in their appearance, it would increase their self-confidence and the impact they have on society. A little always goes a long way. Remember this tidbit that it takes a village, so each one teach one My Lovelies!