Ladies and gentlemen, let’s be honest. Through the ages, men have had the standpoint that they want a lady in the streets and a freak in the bedroom. That has never changed. Women have had the position that they want a man to secretly bring out their inner freak. The main reasons these views have been kept on the hush for so long, is because of fear and what has become the norm for society.


We seem to be riding waves that take us to the highs and lows of our individual and coupled sexuality. What is taboo? What is acceptable? What is good table talk? What is comfortable? How does sex define you? How important is sex to your relationship? How important is sex to you? …..okay now breathe. The answer to these questions can change for the same person depending on their age, their social group at the time, and the love of their partner.




For myself, they have changed a lot through my years; from hate to distaste to precociousness to love. Sex has always been a big part of me even when I didn’t like it so much. The love and appreciation I have for it now has to do with my growth and acceptance of who I am and the gift that sex and my sexuality is. I am every woman. I am a friend, a lover, a mother, a sister, a wife, and a mistress to my soldier. He deserves every part of me as I him; my friend, my lover, my father, my brother, my husband, and my mister combined.

In your relationship, no topic or desire should feel taboo. Everything should be put on the table so you can have a true open relationship with your partner. Are you ready for that? A relationship full of love, companionship, and wholeness? These are things that makes us a better, more functioning members of society. So, are you ready?




I had not been ready for a long time. Even with my first husband, I was not ready. I gave of myself what I thought a wife should give, but in doing so I fulfilled only his needs and none of my own. I also married young to my childhood sweetheart, so I had not really come in to my own as a woman, as an adult, as a well-functioning member of society. I doomed my relationship from the beginning by not demanding the type of respect and love I deserved because I just didn’t know.




In growing into a woman, a leader, a teacher, a friend, and a lover; I have become what I always knew I could be. I have become comfortable in my own skin and in my ability to have others be comfortable with me. I am free to express myself and I am open mind, body, spirit and heart. I am ready to be made whole. Are you with me My Lovelies?