“Every moment wasted looking back, keeps us from moving forward.” ~Hillary Clinton


Clintons rally held on New York’s Roosevelt Island, On June 13, 2015 , severed as a way to launched her campaign. She spoke about things she would do if she becomes president. She refer to these objectives as four goals. The first goals is to rewrite tax codes making sure that the economy would benefit everyone in America. Clinton’s second goal is to, establish preschools and quality childcare for every child. Paid families should have options to leave for new birth or for sick family members. Women should have opportunity to receive equal pay. Also America should be able to use it’s aggressive nature, Values, Strong leadership and power to protect against threat made from Isis, Hacker and Infectious Disease resulting in her third goal. Finally, Clinton’s fourth goal is to , To use the constitutional amendment to be able to reform political donations from organisation and by doing this she will be able to stop the invisible flow of money into campaigns and to make politics more visually to the public.

Pros and Cons of Hillary Clinton’s potential candidacy”

Clintons supports gay marriage and promises to fight economic inequality. Clinton can prevent the total destruction of the supreme court. Clinton can also serve as the first women president of the United States. She has many good connections. However , Clinton voted for one of the most devastating foreign policy known as the Iraq resolution while 23 Senators voted against the Iraq resolution. Clinton is good friends with Henry Kissinger who is known as an villainous political leader judging by his actions in the Vietnam War and role in the bombing campaign in Laos and Cambodia who killed and injury millions of civilians and plan to overthrew Salvador Allende.

Hillary private message system

Hillary allegedly is brought with the question of using her private email to send “personal messages ” while Secretary of state. Hillary confirm that she has deleted 30,000 emails. She has stated “No one wants their personal emails made public, and I think most people understand that and respect that privacy.” The FBI has been able to recover those emails causing Hillary to be exposed to controversy that may affect her in the presidential election. In the first democratic debate, Anderson Cooper had imply that Hillary may be incapable of handling other crisis because of her attitude toward the emails. She has ignore the controversy by joking about the emails and dismissing it. According, to Victor Morton The Washington Times, 55,000 pages of her emails will be released by January 2016. Approximately 27,000 pages of her emails are on a public record website.

Hillary potential involvement in the attacks on Libyan city

Mother of one of the Victim ,Patricia Smith speaks out to reporters. Hillary had told her at her son’s funeral that she would contact the mother to explain how her son died. However, Hillary has failed to contact Patricia Smith. Instead Smith was told, she was not a member of the immediate family and she does not need to know. On Jaunary 2013, Hillary testify “We had four dead Americans, was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night and decide to go kill some Americans. What difference does it make at this point. We must figure out what happening and do everything to prevent it from ever happening again senator ” Smith accused Hillary of lying and was told it was because of a video. Cummings at Benghazi hearing has states, “The selected committee uses tax dollars to abuses effort to derail Hillary because she is running for president”. Trey Gowdy Republican chairman of the Benghazi committee, has opposed Cummings statement and stated, “After Secretary Clinton falsely claimed the committee did not subpoena her, I have no choice in order to correct the inaccuracy.” When Hillary was order to turn over emails in January 1,2011 and December 31,2012 that was related to the attacks of Libya or Benghazi, She had been allegedly accused of making false claims.