When I first saw the commercials on TV, I had a flashback to earlier this year when The Legend of Hercules was released. So, before going to see the recently released Hercules, I watched the movie released earlier this year to compare them. And I must say, I liked Hercules a lot more. Hercules is a based off the Greek myth of the legendary son of Zeus who was betrayed by his father and sold as a slave. From there he fought in legendary battles and gladiator fights to work his way back up to the top. The movie is packed with action, though I must say it is very much like other action movies. Intense combat and violence with dramatic backstory, but a very predictable simple plot.




The main character starts at the bottom of the food chain, and works his way up using violence. Though cliché, I thought it was a pretty good movie. Dwayne Johnson played his role as Hercules perfectly, while Brett Ratner directed the movie very nicely. Although it is similar to many other movies, it was unique in a certain way I just can’t put my finger on but it was most likely due to Johnson’s great acting.




Like I said earlier, the plot is cliché and predictable like most action movies. However, it was still action packed which is why I assume, many people would go to see a movie like that. It was worth watching, but not worth the movie ticket, you would be better off waiting to rent it at home.


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