For the upcoming 20014-20015 NBA season NBA teams that have won a championship will wear a small gold tab on the back of their jersey collars. Images obtained from the Adidas retail catalog started circulating the web this Tuesday afternoon.

According to reports this gold badge system is similar to the ones used by soccer team to show winners of the World Cup Titles. The NBA team will be the first of the “Big Four” North American professional sports league to incorporate this badge symbol.

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Even though soccer teams add an additional star to their uniforms for each world cup won the NBA will only use one tab for each championship won. Teams like the Celtics and the Lakers who have won multiple championships, will have the same tab as the Portland Trailblazers who only won one championship.The gold tabs were first announced by Conrad Burry on his Twitter page who told ESPN that he obtained the image from the Adidas catalog used by retailers.

Now that this has been announced the topic seems to be focused on LeBron James who’s won 2 championships with the Miami Heat and recently resigned with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Since the Cavs never won an NBA title that means there won’t be any gold tabs on the back of LeBron’s jersey even though he’s a 2 time champ. But we’re sure that this is the last of LeBron James worries.