Frozen is a Disney masterpiece directed by Chris Buck, who helmed Surfs Up and Tarzan, and Jennifer Lee (her directorial debut).

Frozen revolves around Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel) and Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell), two young sisters with a strong bond. Anna, is your every day and average human being while Elsa has powers that cause things to freeze. One day, while playing with each other, Elsa nearly kills Anna by causing her to slip due to creating an ice rink which knocks her unconscious and causes her body temperature to dramatically decrease. Anna is taken to a group of Elves who erase her memory, in which she will not remember of Elsa’s powers. From there, Elsa isolates herself and Elsa and Anna become more distant over the years. Anna begins to wonder, and slowly question why Elsa has distanced herself so much and why their strong bond dissolved. One evening, during a banquet, Anna finally confronts Elsa regarding their distant relationship, causing Elsa to accidentally expose her powers, in which she runs away and causes the summery town they live in to a snowy and winter like place.

The film scores major points due to its originality, beautiful animation, superb singing sequences, its colorful visual effects, adventurous sequences, and its message about accepting yourself for who you are and cherishing yourself as well as those who love and care about you.

Frozen is without a doubt the best Non Disney/Pixar animated film, and deserved the academy awards it won, for both best animated feature and best song “Let it Go”, sung by Idina Menzel, who voiced Elsa. This film truly deserves to be viewed, by both kids and adults, as it provides audiences with laughter, tender and meaningful moments, and lessons about life, such as being able to embrace yourself and those around you.

Frozen Movie Review