Have you been holding yourself back without even knowing it? Some reasons people are afraid of success are the thought of failure is heavy on their mind, the amount of work required is another deterrent, money, responsibilities, and leeches are others. Are those enough reasons for you to block your blessings from doing something you love and being acknowledged for it? I don’t think so. Being a writer in a society that is so filled up with written material, for the average writer, it’s not a glamorous one. Most times you write for yourself and hope someone else loves your work as much as you do. It is the same if you are an artist, business owner, entrepreneur, inventor, or stay-at-home mom/dad. The way your fear shows up in your life is with self-sabotaging behaviors such as procrastination, giving up because you don’t want to try, afraid to tell others about your super talents because you’re shy and don’t want to be in the spotlight, and self-defeat by not feeling like you are worth any of the accolades that would come with sharing your gifts.

I suffered from this for a long time. I’ve been writing since I was a child and I wouldn’t share my work with anyone, unless it was anonymously. When I did share some of my writing publicly, even though it was well received, I still struggled accepting the compliments I received. After working through that (for the most part anyway), my fear of success showed up even more in procrastination and then discouragement from some bad reviews, no matter how minimal they were. What I had to accept is I write for the love of writing. I don’t do it for a check, fame, or admiration. That’s how it should be for most artists; you are exposing your heart and hoping for love in return.  



Not to leave out my small business owners and entrepreneurs. I was also one of you. I sabotaged my business by not advertising and networking like I should have. Those things are important. If you don’t want to be the mouthpiece of your business, find someone who can do it effectively, letting you do it minimally. It is important to make others aware of you and your product, so no shy wallflower behaviors.

Just keep this little mantra I made up a couple of decades ago in mind; I will do until there is nothing left to be done, I will succeed. I was inspired after reading the book, The Greatest Salesman in the World by OG Mandino. It’s a great read and it’s short too. Happy reading My Lovelies and SHINE BRIGHT!