FashionTEQ the creator of Zazzi the leading fashion jewelry wearable designed for women by women has designed a new line of Zazzi named Zazzi Prism bracelet featuring the crystals from Swarovski.

“We know style is very important to women,” says Judy Tomlinson, the founder and CEO of FashionTEQ. “Designing with Swarovski crystals gives women something fashionable they want to wear and does not look like a techie wearable.”

FashionTEQ’s Zazzi Prism offers a discreet way for women to receive messages and reminders from their smartphone, while leaving the phone inside their purse, bag, or even pocket. Zazzi Prism will match any woman’s style and fashion sense, ensuring even more discretion and integration into daily life.

Zazzi gives women the opportunity to express themselves by displaying graphics, artwork of meaning or a pic from the camera roll on their bracelet. The display graphic, chosen in the Zazzi app, will be on-screen when messages or alerts are coming in. The Zazzi Prism will also display text so that one can see at a glance and ensure mobile manners without missing a message from a special person.

Besides staying connected, FashionTEQ’s Zazzi gives the ability to share images we wear with friends through graphic sharing in the Zazzi app, so that our friends who wear a Zazzi can wear the same image too. Zazzi Prism will be available in the following crystal colors and effects from Swarovski: Golden Shadow, Iridescent and Bronze Shade.