The tiny house movement has been taken on some momentum for the past few years. It has always been so fascinating to me that I almost made the switch to downsize my whole living space to the size of the bedroom I have now.  I was on my way to Hawaii for a job and I thought to myself what better way to live than in a home that forces me outside. Great, right? Well, that job ended up falling through at the last minute as I as already thinning the heard of my possessions.  I had the floor plans drawn out, my building materials calculated and I even had my landscape designed.


Living 4


My one year old son and I were on our way to live in a home that was under 300 sq ft. and I was excited. When our plans changed, I still continued to slim down on my possessions because it made me feel good to get rid of all those things I was holding on to in case the chance came up for me to wear that beautiful dress that I wore once when I was three sizes smaller. Or those shoes that matched nothing I own, but I had to have it because it was on sale and I was going to buy something to match it. I even thought of embracing the minimalist lifestyle once, but a closet with only forty items does not fit with my eclectic sense of style.


What I liked about the minimalist lifestyle is the fact that if I had to move in a moment’s notice, I’d be able to pack up my closet in one suitcase and my belonging in the next. The thing that messed that up for however, were my books. I love paperback, hardback, and leatherback books. I guess I’m old school that way. There are some benefits though to letting go and embracing minimalism.


Some of them are:
• You get rid of clutter and with less clutter comes less dust.
• You only buy things you love that are great in quality and the only stipulation is you have to get rid of something old when you buy something new.
• You save more money when you aren’t shopping just because and you use retail therapy with a purpose behind it.
• You spend less time on chores like laundry and cleaning the house because there is less to clean.
• You have more time to enjoy family, friends, and doing things you enjoy.
• You get a sense of freedom from things holding you back.


Living 3


When I started reducing my possessions, the grip material things had on me started to lessen. It wasn’t easy though. It took me a while to embrace this way of thinking because I was holding on to things for so long. I didn’t even realize the pull they had on me. Everything that no longer fit me or was a gift I never thought to be my style, I gave away to the thrift store. Trinkets I held on to, but didn’t display also went. Things people gave me that I was only holding on to so I wouldn’t seem rude or for frivolous sentimental reasons had to go too. I even gave away some of my beloved books that I read once and knew I wasn’t going to again.


Living 2


If I could to that, you can get rid of those jeans you’ve been holding on to for when you start to work out and slim down to fit into them again. You’re going to want to treat yourself when you get there anyway, so get rid of them. Becoming a full blown minimalist isn’t for everyone, but embracing some of their practices are life changing. So what would it really hurt if you gave something you’re not using to someone who will? Let it go My Lovelies.