Why are people so disillusioned by money? Money does not equal love and it doesn’t bring you happiness. The happiness it does bring in to your life is fleeting because it doesn’t last. Have you ever wondered why so many people are unhappy with in a couple of years after coming into a great sum of money? It is because they are surface happy only. Buying things brings you an empty happiness that in not fulfilling. People whose life revolves around money tend to be selfish and mean because of the lack of true joy in their life. They want more and more money and care very little for the people providing their wants. When the money stops coming in, they stop showing up. How fulfilling of a life is that?


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Having money is not a bad thing, it’s the relationship you have with it. There is a saying that the best things in life are free. They can’t be bought because there is no price and their value doesn’t have a monetary equation. Time is one of those things and authentic love is another. Money can feed you, clothe you, and entertain you, but it can’t buy back your spirit or your soul.


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Form healthier relationships with the people and environment around you. Treat money as it should be treated and don’t let it rule over your life. Start giving more of yourself and open up to your life’s true potential. Remember My Lovelies that choosing a career for how much money you can make will not make you happy, but choosing a career because you love it will. The same applies to relationships, so choose wisely.