Visual-M Media visited Ideya – Latin and Caribbean Bistro in Prospect Heights Brooklyn, to meet with owner Lauryn Small and the rest of the Ideya staff. Check out our video as we enjoyed some of the dishes on the Ideya menu, and get a taste of the famous Ideya Mojito.

Ideya owner Lauryn Small and Chef Isaac Reyes have perfected the culinary confluence of Spanish, African and indigenous ingredients that characterizes Caribbean Latin cuisine. As the Latin food movement sweeps across the continent, it’s clear that Ideya’s Latin bistro style has become the prototype.

Ideya brings a warm Latin flavor to any event whether in the tropical setting of our restaurant or in the comfort of your own home.

Never forgetting Ideya’s important tradition as a popular cocktail stop, Ideya’s drinks burst with Caribbean flavor.

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Company Profile: Ideya Latin & Caribbean Bistro Restaurant