We put together a list of games that some gamers would like to see on the next-gen consoles from the previous titles. Let us know what games on our list you want to see get another installment on the next-gen or which game you would recommend.


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3


The first Marvel Ultimate Alliance was a great game, but the sequel did not live up to its expectations. If the third installments can developed with the same blueprint of the first game, it would be a great start. Adding more marvel characters, improving the gameplay and the online mode, are things that the developers should consider.


Dante’s Inferno 2


The first Dante’s Inferno was a game with great potential. The storyline had a lot to offer and the gameplay was decent enough to play all the way through. Developing a sequel would be a great chance for the developers and EA to redeem themselves.


Heavy Rain 2


A sequel on the PS4 for Heavy Rain 2, could be a game that would raise the bar in gaming again. The graphics on the PS3 for Heavy Rain was amazing. The gameplay was interesting, but some gamers were not fans of the quick-time-event controls. Heavy Rain is an interactive movie that lets you take control of character and your character’s destiny. Developing a sequel that allows you to utilize your PS Eye camera and the PS4’s new controller, there could be a lot to offer with a Heavy Rain 2.


Just Cause 3


This game will be able to take advantage of the power that both the XB1 and PS4 has to offer graphically. Developers will be able to expand the open world map 10x more than Just Cause 2. There’s a lot of potential for this game to be up there with GTA and Saints Row franchises. Hopefully the talks that has been buzzing around the web about a possible Just Cause 3 will hopefully fall through.


Split/Second 2


Arcade racers are always fun for gamers that want to take a break from the simulations racers like Forza and Gran Turismo. Split/Second definitely has the potential to give next-gen owners a graphically beautiful and destructive arcade racing game. The multiplayer mode in a Split/Second 2, would be a gem if there’s a possible sequel. This game has a fan base that is waiting patiently for a Split/Second 2 to be developed.


Alan Wake 2


Alan Wake developed quite a fan base after it was launched back in 2010, on the XBox 360 platform. With Quantum Break on the horizon many gamers were doubtful that Alan Wake 2, would make it into development. Fans of Alan Wake deserves a sequel, since there’s so much left to be told in the storyline.


Rainbow Six Vegas 3(Patriots)


Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2, are the two of the most solid titles from the Tom Clancy’s adaptations. The multiplayer mode in Rainbow Six Vegas 2, is still one of the most played game online, on the PS3 and Xbox 360 to date. Ubisoft released a trailer for Rainbow Six: Patriots, announcing it as the next installment, but the project was then scrapped. There’s no news about the project being back on track by Ubisoft, but we hope it does get back into development and we can expect a next-gen version with a great multiplayer mode like its predecessors.


Brothers in Arms 2


Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway, had a really strong storyline that carried the game from start to finish. The tactical features set Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway apart from the other FPS games. For those who played last installment, can definitely say that they are interested in knowing what happened next to Matt Baker. If Gearbox Software and Ubisoft are planning on releasing another Brothers in Arms title, the storyline would have to be well written and also have improved gameplay with new multiplayer modes to deliver a solid title.


Enslaved 2


Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, definitely had something special on the first title and a sequel would be welcomed by many gamers, who enjoyed the first installment. The gameplay had a lot to offer as well as the graphics. Developer Ninja Theory did a great job creating this game and a sequel is something they should definitely consider.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2


The X-Men Origins: Wolverine demo had a lot of gamers skeptical at first, but after playing the full game it was then welcomed with open arms. This game can be considered a sleeper title on the PS3 and Xbox 360, so if you haven’t played it yet and still have your current-gen console, pick it up and give it a try. There are a lot of great moments in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, for instance the fight with the Sentinel while climbing into space. Raven Software did a great job utilizing the Unreal Engine when developing this game, it is one of the best comic to game titles. Following up with a sequel on the next-gen consoles, would be something that a lot of gamers and Marvel fans would be interested to see.


Bully 2


Bully 2 is a sequel that gamers are begging Rockstar Games to develop and release. As gamers are slowly getting over the GTA V addiction, a Bully 2 game would be the best gift Rockstar can give gamers. If Rockstar does not plan on developing another Bully title, they should at least port the last-gen version, with updated graphic textures to the next-gen arcade titles.


Shadow Complex 2


The first Shadow Complex on the XBox Live Arcade got a lot of positive feedback as an arcade title. Some gamers even said that it should have been a full disc game because it was so good. The ending did hint that the story could potentially have a sequel, but nothing has been announced by Chair Entertainment, Epic Games. Let’s hope that we do get to see another Shadow Complex game on the next-gen XBox Live arcade.


Mafia 3

Mafia 3

Mafia 1 and 2 had a lot to offer to gamers that wanted to play a solid open world mafia game. There’s evidence that Mafia 2 evolved in a good way from the first title. Illusion Softworks should consider a third installment using the power of the XBox One and PS4 consoles. Giving gamers a bigger open world with an enhanced multiplayer mode would put Mafia 3 up there with the GTA’s and Saints Rows. Hopefully we will be lucky to hear an announcement about a Mafia 3 this E3 2014.


Medal of Honor Series


The Medal of Honor series delivered some decent titles that was up there with the Call of Duties and Battlefields, but for some reason they went under the radar of FPS games. Fans of the franchise are surely scratching their heads on why haven’t we seen or heard about a new Medal of Honor game. It seems that EA is focusing on Battlefield for now, an hopefully a new Medal of Honor title will come to the next-gen consoles soon.


Test Drive Unlimited 3


The chances of a Test Drive Unlimited 3 on the next-gen console is very slim. It was reported that some of the developers at Eden Games were laid off, and went on to work on with Ivory Tower, developing The Crew racing game. It’s nice to dream that we could of seen at least one more Test Drive Unlimited on next-gen, but that chapter is most likely closed.


Asura’s Wrath 2


It would be nice to see a sequel to Asura’s Wrath on the next-gen console. The first installment was a decent game but there was something missing. Giving gamers a sequel, CyberConnect2 and Capcom can make up for what was missing in the first Asura’s Wrath, a longer storyline.


Spec Ops: The Line 2


When Spec Ops: The Line was first announced, it got a lot of notice in the gaming world but at launch the reviews fell short. Yager Development and 2K Games had a solid foundation for Spec Ops and revamping a sequel for it would be a great idea. Since we won’t see a Gears of War game on next-gen anytime soon this would be a great opportunity for Yager and 2K Games to put out a Spec Ops: The Line 2.


Sleeping Dogs 2


Sleeping Dogs was one of the best open world action games of 2012. The reviews were all positive and the Square Enix gave gamers a lot of DLC goodies over the course of time. It was confirmed that a sequel will definitely be in the works but there’s no word yet on a release date.


Far Cry 4


Far Cry 3 was a surprise title that caught some gamers off guard. It took a while for gamers to give Far Cry 3 a try, until the positive reviews were rolling out. Far Cry 3 had a lot of offer in the single player campaign, giving players a huge open world to explore with lots of activities and side missions. If Far Cry 4 does make it to the next-gen console, it’s guaranteed that Ubisoft will deliver another solid Far Cry title.


Hit Man 6


We can say that there’s definitely a 75% to 90% chance that a Hitman title will be coming to next-gen soon. It will be interesting to see how the graphics will be improved, along with the gameplay.


Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter/Future Soldier 2


The Ghost Recon series has evolved tremendously over the course of the years. Future Soldiers showed gamers that Ghost Recon demands the respect and earned its place in the war game genres. One of the important things the Red Strom Entertainment developers would have to consider is fixing the poor artificial intelligence. There’s a lot of room for Ghost Recon to grow into becoming a solid game franchise, and the next-gen consoles is the place for it to do so.



Heavenly Sword


Due to lack of sales on the first Heavenly Sword, Ninja Theory developers and Sony decided to cancel the second installment. Many of the PlayStation console owners still want a sequel for Heavenly Sword, especially on the next-gen console. The graphics would look amazing on the PS4, with improved gameplay using a newer game engine. Since the announcement of the CG animated series on the rise for Heavenly Sword, we can only hope that the game itself will be revived.