In my pursuit of minimizing my life, I have decided to buy a used RV, renovate it, and take my son on road trips as a full-timer. With our home on wheels, there’s nowhere we can’t go in the United States. Some think I’m crazy for doing this since I became obsessed with tiny living over a year ago, but on the inside I’m a gypsy and I have to feed my hippie spirit. The creative arts call to me and I’m at my happiest when I’m travelling, so what better way to feed my soul than to have home always with me, physically and moving.

A minimalist lifestyle is not for everyone, even though it should be. Breaking attachments from materialistic things that hold you down is a process. It’s deep and it’s heavy. When I began the process of scaling down my closet for example, it was hard. I saw things I was holding on to because they were given as presents, or I just haven’t found the right place to wear it, or I used to fit in to it once upon a time and one day I will be again. Those were good enough reasons for me to hold on to baggage. Not any more though. I have scaled down my closet pretty well and I have one more round of spring cleaning to go. Those sentimental pieces are the hardest to let go of.


There are so many people, especially young people, making that eco conscious decision to reduce their carbon footprint by living smaller and more efficiently. What I’ve learned from watching documentaries on tiny living and watching videos on YouTube is choosing to live a simpler life does not mean you give up on the modern day conveniences. In fact in choosing to live a simpler life, I have been turned on to things I never thought about or knew about. There is the whole world of solar plates, panels, and products that I’ve just fallen in love with. There is also the appliances that work on kinetic energy that would be such a benefit when choosing to reduce the amount of electricity to use.

I’m so excited to begin this part of my journey because I know that everything I create will be great. It’s not going to be my forever home because I’m interested in building a combination of a cob/earthship home, but it will be great to be self-sustaining and self-contained. If you have never heard what an earthship is and everything I’m talking about sounds foreign to you, check it out on YouTube or through your preferred search engine. You’ll either love it like I do or hate it, but you’ll learn about something intriguing and new. My intentions with the RV are to record my renovation process and my travels around the country. There aren’t too many people like me on the road, so I want to put my face out there. I want to find those hidden gems and pearls of history that towns have to offer and share them with the urban community. There is more to life than just what’s going on in an individual’s neighborhood.


Enough about me though, I hope that through my passions you are inspired to live your truth. Have you made your vision board? Are you living in your purpose or have you started directing your life to its best life? Like the saying goes, be that change in the world that you want to see and live free My Lovelies. If you were to pass away today, what would people remember about you? Will they remember you or have you lived just to make it to the next day, hour, minute, or moment? What do you want to be remembered for by your loved ones, community, or the world? Write a eulogy for yourself and put in the things you wish to be remembered for and not what you would currently. How does your end of life in your eulogy compare to how you’re living your life right now. Make the changes necessary to make your life, your best life.