In episode 3 of Blue City, detective Dino Muzzi’s bad decision puts him in position to work for the Staten Island mob. Cory confronts his mother about her drug habit and comes face to face with Weasel finally. The Gunna Gang is on a path of revenge to get back at Juelz and his crew, as the street war begins.

Blue City is an action packed crime drama that takes place in New York City. The story revolves around a group of NYPD detectives and four characters from the inner city that are surrounded by gangs, corruption, drugs and violence. Blue City is very timely, as it tackles the different viewpoints held by many about the Police and the choices they make. This begs the answer to the question, who is the most powerful gang in New York?

‘Blue City’ stars a fresh new cast of up and coming actors, including: Christopher Pickhardt as Detective Alex Roth, Dwayne Parker as Detective Edward Jordan, Adam Lindo as Detective Antoni Ortiz, Chris Bryant as Detective Lawrence “The Bully” Bray and Constantin Tripes – Detective Dino Muzzi. ‘Blue City’ is written and directed by Marcus Reyes (CEO/Founder of Visual-M Media) and Executive Produced by Mufaro Chivore.

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