Martin Briones is an American born musician, singer-songwriter, music producer and recording artist from Virginia Beach, VA. He is part of the triumvirate that forms SkyHigh Music’s collective body of music production includes production with commercials, films, video games, and artist: Uncle Murda, David John, Hitchcock, Ice-T, Flow Sik, Three21Films, NBA 2K Series, and General Motors – Chevrolet commercial. Their innovative sampling, musicianship, layering, and structuring, brings together and aesthetically and emotionally rewarding expression of music that makes it unique from all other works of music.



Twitter: @MartinBrionesVA

Instagram: @MartinBriones13



YouTube Channel:

VladTV feature:

Asiance Magazine:–hip-hop-head-at-heart

Artist Profile: Martin Briones

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