Altra Running introduces the Lone Peak Neoshell – the “better than waterproof” version of its award-winning Lone Peak trail shoe – at the 2015 ISPO international sport, performance and outdoor industry trade show in Munich. The new shoe has better dryness, breathability, flexibility, comfort and toe room than traditional waterproof trail shoes on the market. The Altra Lone Peak Neoshell will be available in August 2015.

ISPO honored Altra Running’s unique FootShape toe box and Zero Drop platform with a 2015 ISPO Award.

“Runners justifiably complain that certified waterproof trail shoes make their feet feel crowded, hot and wet,” said Altra’s VP of Sales and co-founder Brian Beckstead. “That’s because most waterproof shoes use a built-in booty, which creates two problems. First, the booty reduces foot volume in the shoe, so your feet are cramped. Second, that booty literally creates a ‘sweat sock’ inside the shoes due to lack of breathability. Altra took a different approach to creating a trail shoe for wet, damp or snowy conditions.”

Altra founder Golden Harper envisioned a trail shoe with a waterproof exoskeleton, versus an interior booty, to keep the foot dry.

“A traditional waterproof trail shoe has it backward to our way of thinking,” Harper said. “The exterior of the shoe isn’t waterproof, so the shoe can gain significant water weight and you run with ‘heavy feet.’ Then, because the inner booty is waterproof, it gets hot, wet and sweaty in there, which are perfect conditions for a long list of foot problems.”

The new Lone Peak Neoshell trail shoe is revolutionary because Altra’s design using Polartec’s Neoshell performance fabric enables elimination of the traditional booty construction for waterproof shoes. Neoshell is waterproof, so the water resistance starts from the outside. At the same time, this fabric lets the shoe be air permeable, to give best in class breathable protection from the elements. The Altra Lone Peak Neoshell shoe marks the first time Neoshell fabric has been used on a running shoe.

Harper, Beckstead and Product Line Manager Zac Marion – all ultra-marathoners – agreed they designed this shoe to address a void in their own shoe arsenal.

“We’re psyched about this addition to our Lone Peak shoe line. We added the important wet conditions feature, yet stayed true to our Altra DNA, which includes a roomy, foot-shaped toe box,” Beckstead said. “Our mission is to offer shoes to help runners go further, faster and healthier, which is definitely limited by the current technologies offered in the market.

“Once again, the Altra team challenged industry standards of waterproof footwear to create a shoe to benefit runners who – like all of us – run in all conditions.”

Participation in trail and adventure running is outpacing a strong renaissance in overall running, according to industry resource Running USA. In 2013, the most recent data available, total trail running participation grew 17%, total adventure racing grew 29%, versus 5.3% for total running.

According to data from NPD, trail running shoes are in the top ten fastest-growing categories in the outdoor industry.

Altra Lone Peak Neoshell will be $149 USD at retail with a spec package that includes:

  • The FootShape toe box allows your toes to relax and spread out naturally for more comfort and stability in uphill and downhill trail conditions
  • Sandwiched StoneGuard technology offers protection from rocks and other trail debris
  • Sticky rubber TrailClaw outsole combines unique uphill and downhill lug traction for a wide range of trail condition
  • GaiterTrap and full compatibility with Altra Trail Gaiters
  • Stack height: 26 mm on a Zero Drop platform
  • Weight: 11.5 ounces/326 grams, one of the lightest trail shoes with technical protection for wet, muddy or snowy conditions
  • Altra is the only running shoe company with a full line of gender-specific footwear created with completely unique lasts, or patterns, for every shoe in each gender, to accommodate natural differences in foot anatomy