Altra Running, the fastest growing running shoe company in the United States, introduced the Altra Halo shoe.


A razor-thin electronic sensor from @iFit, built into the midsole, gives feedback for three important elements of proper running form:

  • Foot strike zone
  • Cadence
  • Ground force impact

“Altra’s philosophy focuses on innovations to encourage natural running form,” said Brian Beckstead, VP of Sales for Altra. “Our signature Foot Shape toe box and Zero Drop platform are natural running innovations. The new Halo shoe is a logical extension of our approach.”

Most runners have a gait analysis perhaps only once a year, when they visit a specialty running store to buy new running shoes.

“The opportunity with the Altra Halo shoe is real-time feedback as you run, so you can quickly adjust and improve your running form before bad habits take hold,” Beckstead said.


Data from the Altra Halo sensor is displayed on your smartphone via an app or the new iFit Ridge and Peak models of GPS watches, also introduced at CES.

The Altra Halo shoe will be available Christmas 2015 and will be $180. The iFit Ridge and Peak watches will be available July 1, 2015, and will be $120.