The popular belief is that it takes 30 days to develop a new habit. Try something new every day to enhance your life and at the end of 30 days, there will be a change in your life. I have a challenge for you based on this belief. For the next 30 days, give your life your all. Give it everything you have and push yourself harder if you can. A new diet is good, a workout routine is as well, but do something that will make a big difference in your life and will inspire you to do more than 30 days because of the results.


If you are looking to be noticed at work, take the initiative to tackle a project your supervisors will take notice of every day, in addition to your regular work load. If you want to start a new activity, do it and give it your all for 30 days. If you are like me and you love crafts, challenge yourself to trying something new and create new projects you can show, give away, or sell. No procrastination is allowed during these 30 days.


Anything that will help you make your life your best life should be accomplished. Time may seem like a deterrent because there never seems to be enough time, but make a schedule if you have to. Look at the things you do that burns the most time and leaves you with nothing to show for it, like surfing the web, social media, or YouTube. Invest in yourself with the most precious commodity you have, TIME. Set yourself up for success and make your next 30 days your best 30 days. Who’s going to love you more than you My Lovelies? Show yourself what you think you are worth.